Barras Sonoras

Instrument of simple appearance but with great variety of pedagogical and therapeutical applications. It can be played in many ways, such as: 

  • Holding at the leather strap, one clave in each hand, swinging the two claves back and forth in such a way that they meet each other. So, it beams a luminous sound which spreads around. 
  • Sliding or percuss with a metal beater along the clave. 


They can be played by one person, by pairs or in round with several people. The sound reflects the quality of the “meeting” of claves and thus the meeting of people playing. It is possible to develop balance, rhythm, laterality, dialogue with others through playing. 

Let yourself surprise with endless pedagogical and therapeutic uses and performances of the claves! 

Barras sonoras de ferro

Gongo de bronze

Gongo de ferro

Metalofone cromático

Címbalo de bronze

Lámina sonora de ferro

Tamgongo de ferro 130cm

Barras sonoras de cobre

Címbalo de ferro

Gongo de cobre

Tamgongo de ferro, lotus, 90cm

Metalofone diatônico

Metalofone pentatonico